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The Michigan Sharps Disposal Difference

When choosing a biohazard waste provider in Michigan, you want a partner that you can trust with all aspects of waste management you don’t want to deal with yourself. Whether its dealing with the complex OH state, local and OSHA regulations, or preventing the open-ended liability of improperly handled waste – you want a provider that you can trust to handle your medical waste safely.

Michigan Sharps Disposal is everything you want in a medical waste provider. Our teams of local Michigan waste disposers are a pleasure to work with in all regards. From regulatory compliance to efficient, reliable pickups, working with us is sure to be a pleasant experience.

What you get with Michigan Sharps Disposal:

  • Local, knowledgeable waste dispatch teams
  • Instant, on-the-spot quote
  • No Long Term Contracts
  • Hassle free service
  • Surprise-free bills – No extra fees or surcharges
  • Your local alternative

Call us today to discuss your medical disposal needs.