Medical waste disposal is a highly regulated industry, and requires multiple state and local licenses to operate. Besides the licenses required, there is a tangle of regulations to deal with depending on the type of facility and the nature of the waste.

On the federal level, there is OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), the agency that is charged with enforcing workplace safety conditions. Medical Waste often falls into the hazardous materials category, whose handling and disposal and subject to OSHA regulations and enforcement.

Each state and local authority has multiple levels of regulatory supervision overseeing the safe handling of biohazard materials such as sharps (needles, syringes, finger pricks etc.) and infectious materials, which are complex and subject to multiple compliance requirements. Our local teams of waste dispatchers are licensed and approved to dispose of medical waste, making sure you are 100% compliant at all times with these regulations.

Employee training

It’s not just the pickup and disposal of the waste that needs to be compliant with¬†all regulations. All employees that come into contact with medical waste are required to go through a periodic training process to prepare them for safe contact with the types of waste. Michigan Sharps Disposal’s expert teams of workplace safety trainers can train you & your staff on all the requirements of safe medical waste handling and ensure your team is compliant with all the regulations at all times.

Why Michigan Sharps Disposal?

Choosing the right partner for waste management is key in a highly regulated industry where penalties for violations can be severe. Don’t trust your business to just any provider, call us today and see for yourself how Michigan Sharps Disposal’s team is the most trusted partner to handle the entire process of compliance for medical waste.

Our fully compliant service includes:

  • Safe, timely¬†pickup
  • Workplace compliance training (for safe handling)
  • Protective gear is worn on waste pickup and handling
  • Off site proper disposal and destruction of waste